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Band biography

If Lucas Haneman's musicianship could be summed up in two words, expressive and soulful are the first that come to mind. The LH Express is a fresh funky band with a sound drenched in poignant lyrics, blistering band interplay and gripping guitar solos. A musician widely regarded for his distinctive guitar work, Haneman has developed a one of a kind blues sound full of fire and constant musical curiosity. His vocal talents, writing ability, and melodic sense are the icing on the cake, that grab the listener, and keep them on their toes. Along with Jeff Asselin (drums), Martin Newman (bass/vocals), and Megan Laurence (vocals) he has found his true means of self-expression.

On their sophomore album "Tearing Up The Rails" (released online and live at The Rainbow Bistro in Ottawa on December 2nd 2016), the Lucas Haneman Express shows a deep and rejuvenating connection to the blues tradition, with gritty, passionate high energy material, some of which was recorded at legendary Sun Studios in Memphis TN.

Collectively the Lucas Haneman Express has opened for or performed alongside the legendary Downchild Blues Band, Tal Wilkenfeld, Jerome Godboo, Steve Merriner, blues legend Harrison Kennedy, and the John Butler Trio from Australia (just to name a few). The band has traveled as far as world famous Beale Street in Memphis TN, and London England for performances. Closer to home they have played at many venues and festivals around Ontario and Quebec including RBC's Ottawa Bluesfest for 2 years (back to back), the Calabogie Blues and Rib Fest, The Upstairs Jazz Club in Montreal, Smoke Meat Petes in Ile-Perrot, The Limestone Blues Festival in Kingston, and many more.

The Lucas Haneman Express's debut album "Welcome Aboard" (released April 2015) provided the band with a catalogue of original material that helped them win first place in the Ottawa Blues Challenge ((September 2015). This achievement advanced the band to the International Blues Challenge (in Memphis TN), where they emerged as high scoring semifinalists (January 2016). LHE's reputation as a band offering a little something different to the Canadian Blues scene has been cemented by this quick success. Though not your grandparents', or even your parents' version of a Blues band, the Lucas Haneman Express has created an addictive new sound, that when given the chance will certainly win you over.



Rainey Wetnight, Blues Blast Magazine, August 5th, 2019
"What the Express offers is so good it’s scary … The 40-and-under crowd will love it, for as the band’s website says, “Lucas Haneman is an expressive and soulful guitarist with a sound that reaches beyond genres.” The blending of such is as seamless as the blending of this quartet’s vocals. Soaring harmonies are the real highlight of this album, so open your ears and enjoy."

Midwest Record - Entertainment Reviews, News, and Views, April 12th, 2019
"Blasting through Canada like a zephyr with a mission, they know how to spread the party and keep it going all night long. Coming out of the box with a bunch of high level recognition, when they bring the party to your block, be sure to get on board."

John Kereiff  - "Music Reviews by the Rock Doctor" April 22nd, 2019
"I like Haneman’s acoustic work on Ms. McGrim, and in other places he leans back and roars. Lots of different feels across these tunes, something for every mood. It’s a record that doesn’t want you to sit down and rest, at least not for very long … Catch the Westbound is one of those albums that will have you saying “This is my favorite song… no, This one is. Wait; no, it’s definitely THIS track”, and I love that. The Lucas Haneman Express is a band that is acutely aware of their strengths, and this disc really puts you through the wringer- nicely done."

Debra Thornington from a Dawg FM radio broadcaster April 2015
“The Lucas Haneman Express has one of the freshest sounds I've heard in Years”

Larry Deszcz from Dawg FM in Ottawa - Review of “Welcome Aboard” May 2015
The overall tone and production values of “Welcome Aboard” are excellent, the whole album has a fresh feel and a sound defined by great vocals and world class musicianship. … It must be said that all around this band is full of spectacular talent.”

Recording engineer Dean Watson - April 2015. Regional Contact. CTV
“Lucas Haneman is the greatest guitarist I’ve ever worked with.”

Lynn Saxburg (Ottawa Citizen) - January 25, 2016
“Music fans around Ottawa have been aware of Haneman’s prodigious ability for years, mostly from his work as a sideman with other artists, or his jazz-guitar gigs. The Express marks the birth of Haneman as the singer-songwriter-guitarist and frontman of his own band.”

Ottawa guitar legend Roddy Ellias. Ottawa Citizen. May 18, 2011
“What continued to amaze me… was and is, Lucas’s depth — his depth as a musician and his depth as a person. … I guess when you think about it, one reflects the other.”

The live show

The LH Express has opened for or performed with artists such as Jerome Godboo, John Kadlecik, and The John Butler Trio. They have performed at legendary venues and festivals such as:


  • The Black Sheep Inn (Wakefield, QC)
  • The Upstairs Jazz Club (Montreal, QC)
  • The Mansion (Kingston, ON)
  • The Limestone Blues Festival (Kingston, ON)
  • Irene's Pub (Ottawa, ON)
  • The Branch (Kemptville, ON)
  • The Rainbow (Ottawa, ON)
  • The International Blues Challenge (Memphis, TN)
  • Greenfields Pub (Ottawa, ON)
  • Wet Willies (Memphis, TN)
  • The Ottawa Jazz Festival (Ottawa, ON)
  • The Flying Saucer (Memphis, TN.)
  • The Ottawa Bluesfest (Ottawa, ON)
  • Blues City Café (Memphis, TN)
  • and many more



"Ms. McGrim" (Official Music Video)

"Waiting At Your Door" (Official Music Video)

"The Verdict" Ft Steve Marriner (Official Music Video)

Memphis Montage set to “Blind Man's Blues”

“Bring It Back” official music video

“That's The Truth” Live at the Blacksheep

“Real Love” Live



The Aquarian, January 11, 2017
Rant’n’Roll: The Best Music You’ve Never Heard And The Best Artists You’ve Never Heard Of

Ottawa Citizen, December 1, 2016
Blues guitarist Lucas Haneman brings the Memphis sound back to Ottawa

Apt 613, July 9, 2016
Bluesfest Local Highlights: Lucas Haneman & the Lucas Haneman Express

Ottawa Citizen, January 26, 2016
Lucas Haneman: Happiness is Playing Guitar

Ottawa Citizen, April 20, 2015
Lucas Haneman, jamming from a very happy space

Couch Assassin, April 22, 2015
Lucas Haneman Goes All In

Apt 613, July 9, 2015
Bluesfest: Grooving with the Lucas Haneman Express



Welcome Aboard is available for purchase at the following websites:

Our Website

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Official Website



Larry Deszcz review “Welcome Aboard” the Lucas Haneman Express

I have had a chance to listen to “Welcome Aboard” (the debut album from Ottawa based band the Lucas Haneman Express) 4-5 times both in my car (I’m a traveling peddler, so in my car a lot), and at home. I am also a part-time host of a radio show on the Ottawa area blues station Dawg FM, and this is how I first became familiar with the Lucas Haneman Express.

The overall tone and production values of “Welcome Aboard” are excellent; the whole album has a fresh feel and a sound defined by great vocals and world-class musicianship. I love the diversity as well. Of course, all that would be for naught if the songwriting weren’t solid, so it must be said that all around this band is full of spectacular talent.

Track 1 – Bring It Back – Great opening track, I love the message and superb groove

Track 2 – Purple Drink – Again, great groove. A real progressive feel and superb showcasing of the monster drummer Jeff Asselin!!

Track 3 – Dub Monkey – Great diversity, love the dub/reggae influence and smooth vocals-It’s a good modern take on an iconic genre.

Track 4 – Want You – In my opinion, a stand out track. I get a feeling Lucas Haneman has a reverence for British classic blues trios, also maybe a nod to Hendrix. The wah solo is absolutely evil!! (Of all the shows I have put together as a radio host on Ottawa based blues station Dawg FM, this tune had the most comments and interest).

Track 5 – Some Change – Great mood change after the intensity of Want You. Super cool. I particularly love the Outro (at about 4 minutes). Just beautiful.

Track 6 – Walking A Fine Line – Nice, progressive, funk/fusion piece. (I assume Lucas and the guys in the band might have a small affinity for jazz, and maybe Frank Zappa as well.) I love a B3 organ, and they feature it perfectly here with the great Don Cummings. The rap part is great, obviously, they dig such a variety of music, and to add the rap part is another example. (I am definitely aboard the LH Express!!)

Track 7 – Real Love – Pure Happiness. Real Love is the answer!!

Track 8 – Bakers dozen – I have noticed a trend toward multi-genre tunes. (JW Jones put one on his Belmont Blvd. called Magic West Side Boogie). Much the same, this tune is great in that it shows Haneman’s diverse tastes and highlights the great musicianship on the album. I’m glad to hear an upright bass solo!

Track 9 – Sweet Bliss – My favorite on this album. The 3/4 jazz feel is pure bliss!! Again, the Outro is spectacular, Lucas’s sweet guitar, the bass tone. I crave this part of the song. Love the big build right down to the sweet ending.

Track 10 – You Are Forgiven – love the bluesy opening, and Jeff Asselin’s Cajon work. I get a feeling I’m in a cafe in the Mediterranean somewhere, having a brew and listening to a great band. (Again, superb guitar playing).

Track 11 – The Race – ok, so I wasn’t expecting this! I really like country music, and this classic beat is cool. The LH Express has succeeded in making a great country/rock/jazz fusion track here (perhaps a little nod to Ray Lamontagne in Lucas’s vocals?). I can tell with this tune and some others, that there is definitely room for some great jamming and extended versions in their live shows.

Great album all around!  I can tell why Haneman and the rest of the band are getting some well-deserved exposure here in Ottawa. Look out World! The stand out tracks for me are 2, 4, 9, 11- but the more I listen, the more I like them all!!!

I’ll finish with a wine analogy (I am not a wine connoisseur, but a major wine enthusiast)

Welcome Aboard has a beautiful bouquet of well written, well-played fusion, rooted in The North American songbook. It has hints of Zappa and Jimi Hendrix, with notes of Ray LaMontagne, and sweet, sweet vocals. It leaves you with a distinct aftertaste of “I WANT MORE!!”



Technical Rider
Lucas Haneman Express Technical Rider

The Lucas Haneman Express is a 4 piece band featuring:

Lucas Haneman – (lead vocals/electric guitar)
*1 SM 58 or equivalent vocal mic with boom stand, 1 SM57 or equivalent guitar amp mic, AC power for amp and pedal board.  1 DI if acoustic guitar will be performed at the show, 1 Fender amplifier of appropriate wattage (Deluxe Reverb or hotrod deluxe style amp is ideal for small venues), (a Super Reverb or Deville is ideal for larger festival stages).  If Fender amps are not possible, an equivalent Vox electric guitar amp will work, if amps are provided at venue or festival*

Megan Laurence – (co-lead vocals)
*1 SM 58 or equivalent vocal mic with boom or straight stand*

Martin Newman – (bass/backing vocals)
*1 SM 58 or equivalent vocal mic with boom stand, 1 DI for bass amp, 1 extra DI if electric and upright basses are both used, AC power for bass amp and pedal board. 1 50/100 Watt bass amp if provided at venue or festival*

Val Nehovora – (drums):
*drum mics and overhead mics for 5 piece drum kit + symbols and hi hat.  If drum set is provided, please supply 1 drum stool, 2 rack toms, 1 floor tom, 1 snare, 1 bass drum with bass drum pedal, 1 hi hat stand, 2 crash symbol stands, and 1 ride symbol stand.  A rug for the drum kit is also ideal. *

Under normal club/bar/restaurant venue gigging circumstances the band will supply 1 guitar amp, 1 bass amp, all guitars and basses, all pedals, and all drums to be used in the performance. *the band will not supply PA system unless absolutely required by venue* (please contact for additional pricing).

In typical festival circumstances the band will provide all guitars and basses, all pedals, and all drums to be used in the performance, but expects festival to provide backline amplifiers and drums minus breakables.

Frontline: The band expects indoor venues to have a functional 100+ watt PA system with 2 way speakers, 1 monitor and monitor mix per band member.  Soundman to be provided by venue.


The band's setup is very simple.  Lucas Haneman centre stage, Martin Newman stage left (the hi hat side of the drum set), Megan Laurence stage right, and Val Nehovora centre stage behind Lucas and slightly to the left or right if possible to make it easier for  the audience to see him.

Lucas Haneman guitar amp slightly behind and stage right from Lucas, and Martin Newman's bass amp directly behind Martin.  Martin, Megan and Lucas's monitors/mic stands directly in front of them, and Val's monitor on the hi hat side of the drum set.

If the venue is unable to provide any of the equipment above please contact Lucas Haneman to coordinate alternate arrangements:





For Immediate Release: Ottawa, Ontario, April 8th, 2015.

Lucas Haneman is set to release his highly anticipated full length album with The Lucas Haneman Express.

Over the past 10 years, Lucas Haneman has carved out a reputation for being one of the most sought after local multi-instrumentalists in a number of genres. His one of a kind guitar sound has caught the attention of performers such as blues legend James Cotton, finger style guitarist Don Ross, legendary Allman Brothers guitarist Jack Pearson, and the late great Jeff Healey.

Recently, he has stepped out of the shadows to take centre stage as the lead singer, guitarist and band leader of The Lucas Haneman Express (a soulful, fun filled and electrifying musical ride). With Jeff Asselin (drums), Megan Laurence (vocals), Martin Newman (bass), and a full length album of ear candy and poignant lyrics, the Ottawa based musician has found his true means of self-expression.

“Welcome Aboard” is the Lucas Haneman Express’s aptly titled debut release, and it is a journey through ferociously fresh grooves, memorable melodic hooks, gripping guitar solos, and blistering band interplay. The Express’s music is a combination of funk, blues, reggae and rock, tied together by undertones of the jazz spirit (musical interaction and reaction). On the 11 track LP (which will be released this month), all of these flavors have combined and flourished to create an addictive new sound that is gaining a ton of momentum.

Debra Thornington from Dawg FM calls the band, “one of the freshest sounds” she has heard in years, and local sound engineer Dean Watson, who produced the album describes Lucas Haneman as, “the greatest guitarist I’ve ever worked with”.

On Friday April 24th at 9:00 PM The Lucas Haneman Express welcomes live music fans and media representatives to their album launch party at Irene’s Pub (885 Bank St., Ottawa). Cover is $10 at the door and people will be able to purchase CD’s, digital download cards
and t-shirts at the event. Ottawa’s newest southern Dixieland/R&B band “The Sun Crescent Barbecue Stompers” will be opening the evening, followed by two sets by The Lucas Haneman Express.

Media representatives who confirm availability via email in advance will be put on the guest list and will be granted free admission to the event.